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THE PORTRAIT: looking at headshots

Lately I’ve been shooting a number of headshots or “formal” portraits. These days, having a professional portrait is critical. There are some many visual spaces that people can experience you and your “digital resume.” And so much can be said and communicated about you simply through a photo. Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc, there are so […]

LAOS: the future is bright, for those who see it (Part II)

The main purpose of having two parts in blogging this trip is because I couldn’t decide which photos to include in the first post. There are just too damn many good ones. But, really I wanted to go more into the culture of the country and the future of the county—an important topic at this […]

LAOS: a far away place (Part I)

My first time to Southeast Asia. I’ve imagined this day many times. The colors, the elephants, the spiritual mysticism. Something captured my imagination before I ever arrived (probably as a kid reading “A Little Princess”). Some things were as I expected, others much greater. It’s as though a part of me was missing before I […]

Twice Around the Island: Maui, HI

Maui was just what one would expect; tropical, warm, beautiful beaches and overwhelming sunsets. But this trip was nothing like what I expected. Working in a place that people generally go for vacation can be confusing. For example, I spent almost no time at the beach, in a bathing suit, or eating “island food.” Instead, […]

film premiere! “The Way Back to Yarasquin”

I wanted to insert as the title of this post as: “That one time I did that crazy thing…” but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense and wasn’t great for SEO. But, one day when I tell my grand kids about that time when my first film premiered it will start with: “So, this one […]

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