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CONNECTION: moment design

They said they didn’t have a single good photo together. They weren’t ‘photogenic’ they said. I told them, “impossible.” I’ve been dabbling in a small, unique practice photography developed by the brilliant Jesh de rox in his work with Beloved and what he calls “moment design.” Essentially it is the idea that the best portraiture comes when […]

K+J: union station wedding

Kelsea and James have a sweet and contagious love—and a great sense of style. Their wedding was a grand affair of epic proportions. Set in the gorgeous setting of LA’s Union Station, it was simultaneously vintage glamour and Southern California beach/mission style. Basically, a match made in heaven. And it was a dream to capture. […]

L+H: a DC wedding

Liz and Homére have a sweet love, the kind that pervades and softens everything and everyone around them. The kind of love that is solid and secure—that nothing will shake. And it was beautiful to capture on such a perfect day. Not even a thunder and lightning storm was going to “rain on their parade.” […]

Michele+Joel: rustic meets elegant in AZ

This lovely destination wedding set in the mountains of Flagstaff is a perfect combination of rustic and elegance. Nestled in a forest next to a little lake, the venue had a cozy cabin appeal, but you would still want to wear your best party dress and dancing shoes. If Gatsby threw a party in mountains […]

Sarah+Andrew: A London Wedding, Remembered

I love all the weddings I have the privilege of shooting, but there a few that I love even a little bit more. This wedding would fall into that category. I LOVED every minute of this perfect London manor-style wedding with it’s Scottish charm and traditions. I would to do it again! But I don’t […]

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