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BALI: a lesson in beauty

BALI. Bali has captured the global imagination through the last several decades and more particularly probably the last decade. With a growing appreciation of travel that has a spiritual or self-care component, Bali has become a destination for retreats of all kinds. And it’s easy to see why. The thing that stuck out to me […]

NYFW S/S16: behind the curtain of fashion

New York Fashion Week. It’s an institution that has captured the imagination of the past half century. Long run ways, the trend setters, cameras, sleek black cars, long legs, lights, and the most fabulously dressed people everywhere you look. It’s the melting pot of all things we call ‘fashion.’ It was my first time experiencing […]

AUSTIN: keeping it weird

I like Austin. Which is no surprise, really, because I hail from a place with a reputation for being “weird”: Berkeley or Berzerkeley, CA. Hence, Austin had strangely familiar feeling to it, just more sprawling and well, “Texan.” And of course the fact that we were visiting in May makes me more eager to return. July might […]

2014: the year of abundance

I love the new year. I love the sense of change and excitement that fills the air. It’s visceral and contagious. Everything seems possible—even my annual new years resolution of flossing more. It’s my favorite time of year. And every year I sit down, peer into the future to see the milestones marking the road […]

NEW YORK: with friends

Having friends that live in NYC is a must. For your life. There are many reason for this, but I’ll just name a few. 1) You have a place to stay in a crazy expensive city 2) You have a personal guide to the city 3) You don’t have to hurt your brain figuring out […]

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