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WOMEN OF HISTORY | Featuring Untold Stories

“Until the lion has a historian, the hunter will always be the hero.” – African Proverb This quote seems especially apropos for Women’s History Month, as we look at the amazing women that should be in our history books, but aren’t. For the entirety of American history women have been alongside men in everything from advancements […]

NYFW S/S16: behind the curtain of fashion

New York Fashion Week. It’s an institution that has captured the imagination of the past half century. Long run ways, the trend setters, cameras, sleek black cars, long legs, lights, and the most fabulously dressed people everywhere you look. It’s the melting pot of all things we call ‘fashion.’ It was my first time experiencing […]

THE PORTRAIT: looking at headshots

Lately I’ve been shooting a number of headshots or “formal” portraits. These days, having a professional portrait is critical. There are some many visual spaces that people can experience you and your “digital resume.” And so much can be said and communicated about you simply through a photo. Between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc, there are so […]

LAOS: the future is bright, for those who see it (Part II)

The main purpose of having two parts in blogging this trip is because I couldn’t decide which photos to include in the first post. There are just too damn many good ones. But, really I wanted to go more into the culture of the country and the future of the county—an important topic at this […]

leaving a green legacy | starting here

I am a sucker for out-of-the-box thinking. It gets me everytime. The more entrenched the concept or way of thinking, the more interested I am to see it turned on its head. Perhaps its the rebel in me (a nerdy kind of rebel…). One of the areas I am particularly interested in seeing non-partyline, original […]

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