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They said they didn’t have a single good photo together. They weren’t ‘photogenic’ they said.

I told them, “impossible.”

I’ve been dabbling in a small, unique practice photography developed by the brilliant Jesh de rox in his work with Beloved and what he calls “moment design.” Essentially it is the idea that the best portraiture comes when capturing authentic moments of connection—not pointing a camera and saying “cheese.” Nothing about this traditional approach to photography captures what we all hope to have: a glimpse of our true selves and love our loved one. Yet we experience these moments everyday—what if a photographer could capture that instead of our “cheesey” photo-ready selves?

Dustin and Lauren love each other, but believed that love could not be captured in a photo. They believed something was wrong with them—they were “un-photogenic.”

But that is a lie and the calling of the photographer is to bring out that beautiful love they have and capture it in such a way that the subject’s heart leaps a little at the sight of their own love.

We were at a wedding together and challenged them. I told them that they were photogenic and I could prove it right there. These are the beautiful photos that came from 5 mins of believing that, just maybe they could have a “good photo together”—something that captures their connection.

2015-05-16_0015 2015-05-16_0016 2015-05-16_0014

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