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film premiere! “The Way Back to Yarasquin”

I wanted to insert as the title of this post as: “That one time I did that crazy thing…” but it wouldn’t make a lot of sense and wasn’t great for SEO. But, one day when I tell my grand kids about that time when my first film premiered it will start with: “So, this one time when I did this crazy thing…many years ago…” I can’t wait for that to happen…

The premiere (on August 1st in Alameda) was an overwhelming success. Even writing about it now I can’t quite believe how great the evening was. Not to mention 200 people showed up! I just feel so…grateful.

And on the subject of gratitude, there are some key people I have to thank: First, Mayra, who is as inspiring as the first day I met her. Thank you to Alex Roberts at Roast Co for supporting the whole process along the way and for hosting the cupping at the premiere. To Max Fulmer at Royal Coffee Inc for being in the film and supporting it as well. And to Blue Bottle Coffee for supporting Mayra and this film (specifically to Shaw Sturton, Stephen Vick and James Freeman). And finally to my husband, David, for supporting my crazy dream through all the long nights editing and last-minute filming trips–thank you.

A friend of mine gave a little tip right before everything started: “When you get up on stage, take a moment, look out at the crowd in front of you, and take a mental image of all the people that came out to support you.” Best piece of advice. As I sat up there–having exposed my art to the world in the most public way I’ve experienced–squinting a bit in the bright stage light, I just smiled and captured that memory. I will never forget that image.

The venue was incredible. You can see from the image why I was completely obsessed with it. I want to make another film just so that I can show it in this theater. It was a big part of making the whole night just perfect.

There are two main things I walked away with that evening.

1. An overwhelming gratitude for my community and the greater community that showed up to support me. 200 people? I never would have thought.

2. I felt so comfortable in that space. I wasn’t nervous at all. I was in my element. And it just felt…right. There are those moments, those spaces where everything just feels right with the world and you are somehow connected to the thing you are meant to be doing. Its a kind of magic. I have a feeling that night was just the beginning of something…

Learn more about the film, “The Way Back to Yarasquin” on the website. And if you’re interested in future screenings, stay in the loop on our Facebook page.



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And an extra special thanks to John Meyer at Still Light Studios for the photos!

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Mark McLeod

August 16, 2013

Congratulations to you and Mayra! Beautiful work! I would have attended had I known. Must have missed the announcement. Please let me know when you next have a public showing. Thanks!