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Twice Around the Island: Maui, HI

Maui was just what one would expect; tropical, warm, beautiful beaches and overwhelming sunsets. But this trip was nothing like what I expected. Working in a place that people generally go for vacation can be confusing. For example, I spent almost no time at the beach, in a bathing suit, or eating “island food.” Instead, I went on a (very slow) road trip around the island. Twice. This meant two things: a) I got to know the island much better than sitting on the beach b) I got experiences that would never be part of a vacation. Namely the three most incredible.

1. THE SUNRISE. Trust me, if I was on vacation I would not have gotten on a boat at 4 am, crossed to another island, and then slowly floated back as the sun rose and broke through the clouds behind Maui. Nope, wouldn’t have happened. I had to pinch myself a couple times. It was real.

2. BAMBOO! Another magical moment was discovering a dense, winding bamboo forest. There was a hole in the closely populated bamboo and we went in. It was one of those moments when you think–perhaps I am Truman on The Truman Show because this feels like a movie. (Yep, just as cheesy as that).

3. DANCING. If I had to choose just one moment from this trip–thank goodness I don’t–it would be no competition. This moment would win. It’s half way through the trip. We’re all a bit delirious and sleep-deprived, and we’re on the Southern edge of the Island. It’s a desert and undeveloped part of the island. The wind is so strong that you can barely move against it. And it’s so dark that the stars envelop you. Which, is the perfect setting for: turning up the final song on the Gladiator soundtrack and dancing in the wind. It was approximately 4 minutes of complete and pure joy. Those moments are rare. But I’m committed now to making more of them.

4. Yes, I cheated and added one more. The opportunity to work with incredible people on inspiring projects. A vacation never leaves me as pumped up as just one passion-filled day of fulfilling work. It’s a way of life and its the life I’m after.

Oh, and pictures–of course.

2013-11-18_0002 2013-11-18_0003 2013-11-18_0004 2013-11-18_0005 2013-11-18_0006 2013-11-18_0007 2013-11-18_0008 2013-11-18_0009 2013-11-18_0010 2013-11-18_0011 2013-11-18_0012 2013-11-18_0013 2013-11-18_0014 2013-11-18_0015 2013-11-18_0016 2013-11-18_0017 2013-11-18_0018 2013-11-18_0019 2013-11-18_0020 2013-11-18_0021 2013-11-18_0022 2013-11-18_0023 2013-11-18_0024 2013-11-18_0025 2013-11-18_0026 2013-11-18_0027 2013-11-18_0028 2013-11-18_0029 2013-11-18_0030 2013-11-18_0031 2013-11-18_0032 2013-11-18_0033 2013-11-18_0034 2013-11-18_0035 2013-11-18_0036 2013-11-18_0037 2013-11-18_0038

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