TravelBank is an all-in-one travel & expense app that rewards you for saving. Who doesn't want to get recognized for coming in under your travel budget? TravelBanks helps companies save money while employees are motivated to save through rewards. And on top of that, they have revolutionary software to make travel expenses almost painless. Hard to believe, we know. And that is where we come in. The primary vision when TravelBank came to us was to tell the story of the end user in a way that shows the compelling use case of the technology. We wanted to tell stories that were relatable, visually compelling, and at times, a little tongue-in-cheek. 


When TravelBank first came to us, they needed a film about their rewards feature before a big press release. But what they said from the beginning was that they needed on-going content, that they were wanting to start building content into their overall strategy. And that was new for them. This is our sweet spot. We love working with clients who have a vision for an on-going partnership and who are new to video content. We build a collaborative partnership where we dive deep into understanding their brand and how it will continue to grow. And then we translate that into a video content. After that first rewards film, we worked on a social campaign, help build YouTube ads and even a series of content for their annual conference. And every time they come back to us with a new idea, they know that we already the company history and brand understanding to jump right in. It's like being an additional member of the team. 


The first film (reward points) had 54,883 views on YouTube and a shorter ad version also had 34,627 views on YouTube.

Sarah Gerber