Songline is an app that helps you craft the perfect itinerary for traveling with a beautiful platform and being able to source ideas from your friends. Songline came to us with a problem that many of our clients have: how do we tell our story before we launch the product? Storytelling is a key component of brand connection at any stage, although often the most difficult at this stage. When working with pre-launch clients, diving deep into the brand is essential. This is their opportunity to begin or continue building a connection with their audience and get them excited about the product. With Songline, we spent a lot of time working through different approaches for what kind of story to launch with. In the end we chose to focus on the story that places the potential client as the main character, which would get them excited to travel and then use the product.


We spent a lot of time in pre-production developing this storyline and crafting the locations for this film. An additional component we added to the strategy was partnering with a leading travel blogger in San Francisco, rather using a model. This allowed us to maximize the reach during the shooting process and once the film was launched. The approach we took to the story was a combination of the story and showing how the product fits into the story, in a natural and authentic way. 

Sarah Gerber