Royal Coffee


Royal Coffee is an import company for speciality coffee. That means they source and ship green coffee from around the world. The headquarters is located in the Bay Area and the company was founded in 1978. Many of their employees have been there over 20 years! We have a unique story for connecting with Royal. In 2012 we started a documentary film about a woman changing the economic future of her rural coffee growing community by cutting out the middle man. Royal is a part of that story and in the film. After the film premiere in August 2013, Royal reached out to us about doing films for them. They wanted to capture more stories of farmers around the world so that their clients could connect further with the people who produce the coffee they buy. That is when we started this extensive and ongoing project to travel to the major coffee regions and capture those stories.


For this project we’ve lead all stages of the process, strategy, production and post-production. A key component of a project like this is developing the story after capturing the material. Our extensive understanding of the coffee supply chain and coffee origin countries is what help us shape the stories we crafted after gathering the material. The strategy and development of this project is an on-going and growing process that brings Royal’s customers along for this journey as it is released.

Sarah Gerber