Cliff Atkinson


Cliff Atkinson is an author, speaker and consultant, focusing on high-stakes presentations where how you tell your story could be the difference of millions of dollars. Cliff came to us with a clear vision for the story he wanted to tell—no surprise there considering his line of work. What we collaborated on was the strategy for how to fit that vision with the format of film to bring his process to light. To do that, we focused on showcasing him and using visual aides similar to what he might work on with a client, and we did this by illustrating one single success story from a client ($253 million worth of success).


The process for setting up this project focused primarily on Cliff telling his story and capturing him in the environments he works with clients. We sourced the location that fight best and scripted the shots and scenes beforehand. The result was a short and powerful story that allowed clients to connect with him and the work that he does.

Sarah Gerber