Laos Story Bags


Story Bags were a project in association with Amy Chanthaphavong, the first Lao-American to win the Miss Asia America pageant, who was working on a project to collect stories in her native land of Laos. These bags where part of the fundraising campaign for the project. They were also a prototype for potentially developing future bags or products in Laos. Working with Amy, we decided that capturing the bag and other lifestyle images in Laos would be a great way to create the foundational marketing archive for future development of the product. These images and short films would give Amy and her team the assets needed to launch in any direction they needed and provided a versatile and compelling visual narrative for the brand.


Our approach this project was more organic than our typical project. We worked to define the concept beforehand, but we intentionally left a lot space for organic development on the shoot. This gave us the opportunity to capture some material that could not have anticipated. When time is given beforehand to define the brand vision, it can leave room for “happy accidents” that authentically happen when everyone is connected to the vision and core values.

Sarah Gerber