HoneyBook is platform of business solutions for creative professionals, to help them streamline the backend of their business so that they can spend more time doing what they love. HoneyBook is definitely a values driven company, which is why they came to us for this project. They are devoted to their clients (they call them members) and wanted to do something to communicate that devotion. The head of community came up with a concept to have every single HoneyBook employee write a handwritten note to one of the members. This took place one early morning in the office, which we captured on film.


The key strategy behind this concept was to use this project to help further community between members (another key value) and to maximize the content that we captured to use across various platforms. Our approach was to create one key “cornerstone film” and then create four additional social media edits that extend the life of the content captured and included some of the material that didn’t make the cut in the main film.

Sarah Gerber