Fuel Capital


Fuel Capital is a venture capital firm in San Francisco specializing in early stage companies, primarily consumer and cloud infrastructure companies. Fuel came to us with a straightforward problem: they wanted to showcase the companies in their portfolio and shift their brand to focusing more on the startups they serve by making them the face of the firm. This meant capturing images of those companies and the people who lead them. We served as the photography agency that captured images of the founders and candid lifestyle images of the office that would capture the those of that company. 


There were two key components to our approach and process for this client: 1) capturing iconic images of the startup founders (surprisingly, many startups don’t have good photos of the founder together) 2) Documentary style photos of the office and people at work to help communicate the culture of the company and give investors better insight into who these companies are. We took a simple, documentary approach that produced clean images that where publication ready.

Sarah Gerber