Delta Project Management


Delta is a project management company for the life sciences. They help ensure that drugs meet FDA standards and get approved. Pretty cool. Life sciences was a new space for us and we loved getting to see more into that world. And while there is this formality to people in white coats helping save people’s lives, the culture at Delta doesn’t have a feeling of being buttoned up. They like to have fun. Their core values center around people and crafting a fulfilling career. So when they came to us looking to tell that story, we were excited to jump on board.


The key objective of this project was to bring personality and life to the company, to connect with potential clients, and especially with potential new hires. Because Delta is so focused on people that are a part of the team—and the believe that is what they uniquely bring to the market—hiring was a big focus of this project. Because of that we decided to create two films; the main ‘about us’ film that tells more of the history and development of the company, and then second a recruiting film that speaks more to what it is like to work for Delta. By end they had us wishing we could be a part of such a great team.

Sarah Gerber